Betting On Me


Lynn is an author, business owner and adjunct professor in the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University, where she is also a peer classroom reviewer and a member of the Faculty Advisory Board.  Additionally, she is a 2017 Humanitarian Award recipient presented by the legendary R&B and Hip Hop group, The Force MDs, during their "Family and Friends 2" event on June 3, 2017, at BB Kings in Times Square in New York City.  The 2017 Humanitarian Award recognized individuals who demonstrate the courage to take decisive action, the wisdom to face aggressive challenges and the willingness to sacrifice to affect causes that impact the betterment of the community.  


Lynn developed an affinity for causes impacting women, youth and teen girls as a result of her own life journey which included growing up in an abusive household, being told by a high school counselor “why go to college, all you can expect to be in life is a wife, maid or secretary,” to surviving date rape, to marrying into an abusive marriage.  She went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree, earn a Master of Business Administration and hold executive leadership roles with Fortune 100 companies throughout the country establishing a professional portfolio includes leadership roles at Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and Harley-Davidson Motor Company - where she was the first African-American Director of Marketing.

In the midst of a successful career, Lynn married into a mentally, physically and emotionally abusive marriage.  In leaving the marriage, she also made the tough decision to leave her career.  She left both, packing a suitcase for two weeks and purchasing a one-way ticket to Arizona where she knew no one, had a job lead and set out to figure things out.  With the divorce came the loss of assets, investments, and money she had acquired prior to marriage.  After many months of therapy and working jobs that didn’t appreciate her skills, talent or experience… it became evident that survival meant becoming TheB.O.M.  and “Betting on Me!”


Through her volunteer, board and special committee work, Lynn has maintained a deep and personal connection to the causes she cares about.  From the Reach One Teach One mentor/tutoring program in Michigan, to the Byte Back adult computer program in Washington, DC to computer-based training programs in New Jersey, to Friends of Orange County Read adult literacy programs in California to the Greater Phoenix Urban League, the Checkered Flag Run Foundation’s children literacy programs to the Florence Crittenton INSPIRE program supporting at-risk teen youth, and the Journey Home program for incarcerated women in Arizona she continues to give back and serve.  


In 2015, Lynn became an Ultimate Success Masterclass graduate and transformational leadership coach.  Known for her visionary ability to both understand the objective and build effective plans that achieve results, her programs guide and transform leaders along the most effective and strategic path to achieve results that get them recognized, respected and rewarded for their results.   In 2016 she wrote three books - “The Little Book of Positive Affirmations,” “Press Interview Fundamentals,” and “12 Step Approach to Sponsorships”  - over one weekend in February 2016. 


Through her story, she seeks to help others working to find their path in life.  Her lifestyle brand, “Betting On Me,” evolved as a means to coach, motivate and inspire people to live their purpose and her much-anticipated book titled "TheB.O.M:  Betting on Me" is scheduled for summer 2017 release. 




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Diversity and inclusion


Women's empowerment



Lynn is an Advisory Board Member of Linking Sports and Communities, a member of the Florence Crittenton INSPIRE program team and a member of the City of Phoenix District 8 Advisory Committee.




Lynn is affiliated with the Ultimate Success Masterclass - MindMovies coaching certification program, holds a Six Sigma green belt certification, Arizona accident, health and life insurance licenses, and Substitute and Certified Technical Expertise (CTE) - Business and Marketing teaching certifications. 




She has been profiled in a wide range of media—including Ebony and Jet Magazine—and is a featured speaker at conferences and workshops throughout the country.  She enjoys riding motorcycles, hiking, reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends.



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