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There are some phenomenal forces in the universe that can extremely enhance the things that you want to manifest. What you know of the law of attraction will be greatly enhanced once you apply these additional secrets.

There is a secret to getting the law of attraction to move mountains and to create miracles beyond belief. As you may already know applying the law of attraction with success can be a hit of miss for many people. While there are people who claim to have outstanding results there are those who also complain of not getting what they want. That is because not many people really know the full missing part to applying the law of attraction.


Let me first tell you how powerful this secret is beyond the law of attraction. Think about how long you have been trying to attract some of the things you want. Maybe you have been applying all of the tools that you know of. You have been visualizing your goals. You have been repeating affirmations and perhaps even taking wild actions towards attracting more money but still nothing has changed.


Can you really get the law of attraction to manifest what you want faster? Chances are your answer will be a resounding, no. There is a good reason for that, it is a secret that few people will ever know and it is a secret so powerful that if you gave it a try you would be astounded by your results.


Many years ago when the true secrets to manifesting were not quite so public practitioners became aware of powerful forces in the universe. These forces were immensely powerful and allowed those who called on those forces to create incredible results again and again.


How powerful are those forces you ask and what can they do?


Imagine being able to:

  • Manifest what you want with out struggling.
  • Calm your negative emotions so that you are more in harmony with the universe
  • Attract more of everything that you want without doing extra work
  • Clear away mental, physical and psychic block that are holding you back
  • Change your whole life faster than ever
  • Do in less time what would take others years
  • Feel more joyful without trying to


These are all the things you can experience when you connect to the universal forces in the universe. You can begin to make the law of attraction work for you when you do align yourself to those forces. Put away all that you think you know or understand about the law of attraction and begin to see miracles and magic happen in your life.


Many people who think they understand the law of attraction are amazed by the knowledge and the secret found in the void. It truly works miracles and magic. Their body and mind becomes calmer and more in harmony and ready to bring their desires into physical reality faster.


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Lynn Austin

Lynn F Austin is a coach, consultant and professor in the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University.  Additionally, she is a published author and 2017 Humanitarian Award recipient recognizing individuals who demonstrate the courage to take decisive action, the wisdom to face aggressive challenges and the willingness to sacrifice to affect causes that impact the betterment of the community.  She believes life happens for you (not to you) to live your purpose.  Through her workshops and speaking engagements, she diligently works to help others achieve the results they desire..