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21 Thankful Days: April 14, 2017 - Day 20


Today I am thankful:

Personal: I am thankful for an evolving sense of peace. While like some people, I occasionally get upset, angry or irritated by circumstances that may occur throughout the day, more frequently than ever before, I find peace in the understanding that things will be ok.  

Sometimes I simply accept that things are the way they are supposed to/or need to be and conclude that getting upset is not going to change it or make it any better.   In fact, getting upset likely does more harm to me than good and manages to bring about more negativity and ill feelings in how I act toward others, how they react to me and so on.  It’s just not worth it.


For example, my air conditioner went out on Monday of this week and needed to have the motor replaced. I was thankful I was able to have it repaired and that it didn't go out in June, July or August during the hot Phoenix summer of 100+ degree days where the evenings don't cool.


Yesterday, my refrigerator went out-a board of some kind and the heating element, was what I believe the technician said.  I'm likely going to need a new one given the high cost of parts and labor for an older refrigerator. I was so thankful that the technician that came was so helpful and was able to do a temporary fix to get me to Saturday, so that I can have time to shop or make the choice to have this one repaired.   I lost some food but overall most of it was saved.  


Interestingly however, the technician that out shared that in the past 6 months his wife had taken ill will a strange illness, died and was revived twice only to succumb to the illness, then just last month he tragically lost a son.  His very next statement put everything in perspective for me. He said but I have so much joy in my heart.  I just enrolled my 5 year old in kindergarten. Even with my losses, I celebrate joy that is found in every day.  What a blessing he was for me!  If anyone were to have a reason to feel upset or irritated it could easily be him but he was not.  Also, what if I had been irritated, taking my frustrations out on him because of the inconvenience, cost etc.  I might have missed the blessing.   #BettingOnMe

Professional: I am thankful for the amazing opportunity I have had to teach 7th grade English Language Arts.  Through the initial months each days bordered on a nightmare or an episode of the Twilight Zone.  The behavior issues were so challenging that most of the time I didn't feel like I was able to teach because all I was doing was "babysitting," correcting bad behavior, disciplining.  It was hard.  I spoke with friends, family and leadership at church. I recognized that my lack of sound classroom management - at the 7th grade level - was complicating my ability to breakthrough their bad behavior.  


First, my sisters, brothers and mother in the faith worked with me to 1) stop calling them bad kids, 2) refer to their behavior as bad, 3) pray over the room/environment, 4) stop and seek the Lords guidance when I felt agitated 5) be much more prepared with the lesson plan that ever before, 6) be consistent with discipline, teaching 7) stop raising my voice 8) implement engagement strategies 9) hold them accountable 10) loop in parents for added accountability for both discipline and classroom behavior.  After about 6 weeks, I would have one good day to four bad ones, until one day there was on bad day to four good ones...to good weeks.


In addition to that, during the 2016-1017 school year, student’s benchmark scores have increased quarter over quarter in both reading and writing.  I have seen notable improvement in their ability to write complete sentences, paragraphs and essays.  Just today, they actually participated in a formal academic debate in the classroom where they demonstrated their knowledge of the AZ standard on tracing and analyzing a claim, its relevance and soundness.  They did all of their debate prep - researching, analyzing and evaluating their data, making the case for pros and cons and then the teams debating.  I was very proud of these young men and women.  Several of the teachers and administrators came in to witness their accomplishment.  


When I saw the joy, excitement and accomplishment these students had for this success, I knew that I had received a very special "I can achieve anything" blessing.  I'm certainly thankful I stayed there teaching and did not quit. I may have sown some seeds of accomplishment in them this school year, but more importantly, they have come to know they can achieve anything they want in life. #FullTimeFaculty #Professor#SixSigmaGreenBelt #Author #Teacher #Mentor #VisionayCoachingWorkshop #AustinGroupConsulting

Spiritual: I am thankful that God continues to show his love, grace and mercy I don't necessarily deserve, in spite of choice I may make in life.  A forgiving God, He allows me to come to him with a pure heart, and ask for forgiveness.   “But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8 NLT   #Choices #PoweredByScripture #WalkingByFaithNotFear #BettingOnMe


21 Thankful Days is a 21-day campaign to attract, inspire and foster an attitude of optimism, gratitude and thanks.


Betting On Me is a lifestyle movement that proclaims Things in life happen FOR you (not TO you) to position you to live your purpose. It is an available from the Visionary Coaching Workshop an offering through Austin Group Consulting, LLC.  For more information or connect directly visit us at www.bettingonme.com  


Lynn Austin

Lynn F Austin is an author, coach, business owner and professor in the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University, where she is also a peer classroom reviewer and a member of the Faculty Advisory Board.  Additionally, she is a 2017 Humanitarian Award recipient presented by the legendary R&B and Hip Hop group, The Force MDs, during their “Family and Friends 2” event on June 3, 2017, at BB Kings in Times Square in New York City. The 2017 Humanitarian Award recognized individuals who demonstrate the courage to take decisive action, the wisdom to face aggressive challenges and the willingness to sacrifice to affect causes that impact the betterment of the community. 

Known for her visionary ability to both understand the objective and build effective plans that achieve results, her programs guide and transform leaders along the most effective and strategic path to achieve results that get them recognized, respected and rewarded for their results.  In 2016 she wrote three books - “The Little Book of Positive Affirmations,” “Press Interview Fundamentals,” and “12 Step Approach to Sponsorships”  - over one weekend in February 2016.  Through her story, she seeks to help others working to find their path in life. Her lifestyle brand, “Betting On Me,” evolved as a means to coach, motivate and inspire people to live their purpose and her much-anticipated book titled "TheB.O.M:  Betting on Me" is scheduled for summer 2017 release.


Lynn is an advisory board member of Linking Sports and Communities and a member of the Florence Crittenton Inspire mentoring program.  She has been profiled in a wide range of media and is a featured speaker at conferences and workshops throughout the country.  She enjoys riding motorcycles, hiking, reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends.