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I read a quote earlier this morning by Elbert Hubbard that said "we awaken in others the same attitude of mind we hold toward them" it made me think of the age-old question, what came first, the chicken or the egg.  Do you affect the attitude energy in your surroundings or does the attitude energy in your surrounding affect you. 

What do i mean?  Well, when you wake in the morning after a good night's sleep feeling energized, inspired and full of life - locked and loaded with a great attitude and ready to face the world, do you believe your thoughts impact the world around you or can your day be turned upside down and totally offset by negativity i.e., a negative encounter from a partner, an aggressive driver on the road, the bad attitude of your boss when you get into the office.  Basically, will your positive energy vibration change the mind and attitude of others or will the surrounding negativity alter your energy? 


I can recall times when my day started off great only to go into the office and witness the "troll under the bridge" boss or the negativity Jane Doe work colleague and find my energy levels change from positive to negative vibrations -- totally consumed in the negativity.  I would also notice a pain or strain in my neck - the place I tend to carry stress, a headache or ache in my back. 


It’s like if you imagine that negative experience as a big murky puff of smoke that is trying to pull you in as it grows larger.  Allowing the "host" to consume you, makes you disappear and become a part of the host, the negative energy.  In that negative space, what if you also become more susceptible to injury and illness.  It would definitely be a case for finding a way to stay in a positive energy space, right?


As I continue to grow and become more aware of the impact of energy on my overall health and well-being, I find myself consciously and deliberately working hard to avoid negativity in my energy levels. 


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Have a positively energized day!


Lynn F. Austin