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The Arizona Chapter of The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC) gave a presentation to 7th Grade students at Glenn F Burton Elementary School.  The organization has over 100 chapters throughout the US and overseas and are committed to serving the community, providing scholarships, raising funds for charitable purposes and promoting safe motorcycle riding habits. One of their key objectives is to educate the community, schools, civic groups, churches and others about the rich history and legacy of the Buffalo.  

Though not prominently included in school curricula, the Buffalo Soldiers were instrumental in the growth of the country though not prominently included in school curricula.   From the presentation, students learned that the Buffalo Soldiers were Black infantry of the 9th and 10th Calvary of the U.S. military who frequently served as the town law during the growth of the country. They often were faced with many challenges like serviing in the military when they were not always liked or respected, dealing with prejudices, and working to build frontier cities and towns and not being able to live in them,  Among the themes shared, Showpiece, the Chapter's President, told students a lesson they can learn from the Buffalo Soldiers is "When it comes to your dreams in life, regardless of the challenges you may face, never give - just keep trying.'  

Referred to as Black Cowboys, the Buffalo Soldiers rode horses in the early days.  Today, the NABSTMC ride motorcycles – also known as “Iron Horses.” 

Special thanks to the following NABSTMC officers from the Arizona Chapter for taking time out of their day to impart wisdom to our youth :

    • Roosevelt "Showpiece" Brown - President
    • Stephen 'RollinWax' Moore – 
    • Patrick 'P.C.' Brown - Sergeant-At-Arms, 2011 Victory Vision Tour
    • Malcolm 'X-Man' Boone - Road Captain, 2007 Road King





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TheBOM-Betting On Me is a lifestyle movement that proclaims "things in life happen for you (not to you) for you to live God's purpose for your life."


In the wake of increased reports of officer involved shootings, public demands for body cameras, protests by social organizations like Black Lives Matter, the 24 hour news cycle and smart phone recordings by just about everyone, it is past time to seek ways to ease some of the tensions and more importantly, find solutions.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at the American Legion Post 65 in Phoenix, the Checkered Flag Run Foundation and Teachers on Call Arizona convened school districts, veterans and teacher organizations to launch the Veterans Reach to Teach initiative designed to assist veterans who have a bachelor’s degree in obtaining a substitute teaching certificate.  

Free summer activities for children in Chandler learning how to code and build robotics. 

When it comes to getting things done or making things happen, we frequently see those in the headlines or the “face” of the effort.  Behind the scene, however, there is almost always a superstar in the wings – a bright, shining star serving as a force in making it all come together.